The Best of Vine and the Worst of Vine (Social Media Challenge #8)

For this social media doozie, we had to create a Vine with a partner… using the Vine app on our smartphone.

I was really bad at it.

At first.

I got better though!

The vine had to “promote or publicize some aspect of the Department of Art, Communication and Theatre” and then we had to tweet about it.

Our first idea was cute but the end product was disastrous. Maggie (my partner) and I  wanted to showcase the different theatre spaces that Southeastern Oklahoma State University has to offer. Since I didn’t know what buttons to press, it was an editing nightmare. You can see our failed attempt here.

Our second Vine was definitely a success. Instead of highlighting theatre spaces or performances, we decided to showcase technical theatre. Maggie and I decided to make a comedic vine about how, a lot of times, theatre people make something out of nothing. Here it is. #makingsomethingoutofnothing



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