Social Media Challenge #6- Lots of Thinking in Diversified Social Media

Hello All!

This social media challenge is in three parts: first I had to create an email pitch for a local/regional business (I chose the Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival’s Educational Program) then create a social media news release… then create “one social media element related to your clients news.” The last part means, a video, image, or something unique that your client can use. 1: Email Pitch Hello, My name is Justice Graham, working in the public relations office for the Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival housed in Durant, Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival is a summer-stock theatre festival celebrating its 36th year. It includes three main stage performances (always with a Shakespearean play), a season opener and summer programs for children and teens. OSF, as it is lovingly called, also has a year round after school program where theatre professionals-in-training develop their teaching skills by instructing children in theatre arts, such as, acting, music, piano, dance, among many others. The summer programs for children (Children’s Theatre Workshop) and for teens (Young Actor’s Studio) help the community in many areas. It gives children a chance to take part in something that is very foreign to them… the world of theatre. Both programs give them the chance to see what being in theatre is like at a young age and helps them hone their creative skills and enjoy it too. These aren’t classes where you sit and listen. A child will get up and sing and dance and learn things in a practical way rather than just seeing it in High School Musical. Young Actor’s Studio, Children’s Theatre Workshop and the After School Program give both parents and children strong communal ties. Most children start with children’s theatre workshop at the age of six and keep climbing up the ladder and close to half stay with the program until they graduate from high school and go on to living their adult lives. They create strong bonds with children their age and parent’s have a support system to rely on… the mothers are referred to as “Drama Mammas”. The educational side of OSF does so much for children and the surrounding community that they deserve more attention. I plan on using Facebook, radio, email and school flyers to contact parents so they can learn more about these wonderful learning opportunities for their children. I plan on capturing the parent’s attention via Facebook by creating images that are visually appealing and informative as well as giving them links to the OSF website. I will create PSA’s to go on the radio stations that make these programs sound fun, all-inclusive, and a great learning experience for the child in such a way that it will grab bold the parents and children in. I would want to create flyers that will go in teachers’ mailboxes. Here is the website for the Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival. 2: Social Media News Release Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 2.33.50 PM

3: Social Media Element


For the social media component of this assignment, I created a logo for the Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival’s After School Program. This logo is now being used for all branding for the After School Program. By clicking on the above logo, you can see it in use on the theatre’s website.

I wanted the logo to represent the creativity and and different aspects of learning that the children involved get to partake in. I chose fun, bright colors as well as a kid-like font for the word “SCHOOL” as well as “ART!” “ACT!” “DANCE!” “SING!”.

My partner Maggie helped me tweak this logo and helped me rethink possibilities that our client probably wouldn’t like.


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