Social Media Challenge # 5- Are twitter live Chats really fun? 

     The fifth social media challenge I had to face in my Social Media and Public Relations class was probably my least favorite so far. We had to participate in a live chat on twitter related to advertising, journalism, public relations, etc. and had to post two things in the chat and interact with the other twitterites.

     A live chat on twitter is a scheduled time for a specific site to give questions and topics for other members of the twitter community to answer and talk about by following that particuar account and hashtagging what that account deems fit (like #wjchat or #seprchat).

     This gave me hives. I had to interact with professionals and nonprofessionals if I chose any of these chats and I had no way of knowing the exact topic so I couldn’t do any research on it prior to it.. and as a planner, that made me feel very ill prepared for a chat that all the world could see. If I happened to stumble upon a live chat that really interested me and I had a good base of knowledge to pull from, then I probably would have enjoyed it more but since this was an assignment and I had specific instructions and guidelines about what chats to interact with and what I had to do, this was dedinitely not my cup of tea. 

    I decided to participate in the WJChat, or “Web Journalist Chat”, which is for web journalists across the nation to share ideas and interact with eachother because they wouldn’t get the opprtunity in person. I decided to participate in this particular chat because it fit within a time constraint that I could manage and I thought I would know enough about the topic since it was journalism and I work with and talk to journalism majors on a daily basis. 

It turns out that this particular chat had very little to do with journalism. it had to do with online courses and Massive Open Online Courses  (MOOC’s as they are lovingly called) and how they play a role in education and then the questions steamrolled from there. 

Here are some of examples of the questions and my answers to them… I started with question 4 so I could observe what to do before I jumped head first into the deep end (I posted more than twice):





This one question I enjoyed because I got to respond to a friend as well as voice my own opinion. 



I tried to incorporate something I knew about in this tweet and no one else in the live chat really knew what to say about it except things along the line of “good job”.


Here’s my final one before I decide to give up and leave this talk to people who actually had more information and knew more about what they were talking about. 




My friend and I participated in the same chat and she had a smilar experience trying to come up with things to say and she accidently almost started an argument over one of her thoughts and that someone pointedly disagreed with. I feel like miscommunications can happen often with this kind of medium because we are so limited by the amount of characters that our original thoughts become partial thoughts, which are much easier to misconstrue. 

Other people had some good points as well, like two of these tweets that I favorited:





     Overall I wouldn’t try to to #wjchat again just because I wasn’t able to contribute anything worthwhile. I’m not opposed to trying another one in the future… but it has to be something that I know more about and some better planning on my part will probably help. 




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