Social Media Challenge #4- I Knew This Class Was Useful  


This social media challenge was pretty fun! We had to find a blog that interests us relating to social media, advertising, public relations or something of the like, pick a particular blog entry and continue the idea of the blog post in our own blog whether we agree with it or not.

I found a really cute and informative public relations blog called PR In Your Pajamas. It gives real world advice to Public Relations professionals and students in a way that’s quirky, informative and easy to read. The particular blog post I found really related to me now and it also showed me that this class (Social media and Public Relations) is a very useful class to take and that the way my professor is teaching is not outdated and will actually be useful to me in the years to come.

PR In Your Pajamas talked about, in this blog post, how undergraduate PR classes are not rising up to meet the upcoming needs and realities that PR professionals face in this day and age.

They  talked about how most undergraduate classes ignore the fact that “PR is no longer about event management… It is not glitz and glamour and fancy parties.” They also stated that the entry PR positions are “cold, over-staffed, over-worked drudgery.”

They gave these core lessons that need to be ingested immediately:

• The best way to network is to be yourself.

• Read a lot more.

• PR is not flashy.

• The first years of PR will be a lot of document-writing package-stuffing and document work.

If you want to get into the nitty gritty details of why these are important, read the blog.

The biggest thing I loved about this post was that they really focused on the fact that media relations is now one of the most pivotal points of being in PR. Media relations is what should be focused on now than out of date things like “how to run a press conference.”

This post made me realize how important and great this class is. It’s a class that, from what I’ve read, some universities don’t offer or even offer something close to this. Social Media and Public Relations is focusing on a medium that is very important to PR today.

PR in Pajamas’ tips on media relations are a lot of what my professor tries to beat into our thick, sleep-deprived brains.

They are:

• How to use Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

• You don’t always need Twitter, Instagram or Facebook

• How a real social media following is built through trust and a reason to actually care.

• That a social media calendar or strategy can be a waste of time.

Again, if you want to know the details, read the article.

I don’t want any of you guys reading this to think that I’m just trying to suck up to my professor, who I know is going to end up reading this, to get a good grade. This blog posts and other posts I’ve read like it just prove how useful this class is. Any type of communications, PR, graphic design, arts management, etc. major should consider taking this class or a class like it. Thank you, PR in Pajamas, for showing me that this class is definitely a useful one.



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