Branding: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly  (Blog Post #1)

In my Social Media and Public Relations class, we have to a text book called”Medill on Media Engagement.” Now, I can’t say that one of my favorite pleasures in life is to read textbooks for fun, but as far as a text book goes, it’s easy to read… granted I’ve only read the first few chapters. What I have gathered from the first few chapters is that social media is the fastest and strongest way to reach out to your audiences. Also, how you brand your label (in my case, theater companies)  and how you do it is key to have a good connection to your audience.
In another class I have to take, we have had to market a theatre of our choice, so I’ve done research on different regional theaters across the nation. A great example of a theatre company who knows how to sell who they are, is
Orlando Shakespeare Theatre in Orlando, Florida. Orlando Shakes makes a great use of different mediums (mostly Facebook) to showcase not just the end product but the ongoing process as well… they use their staff’s Facebook to generate more buzz about their shows by tagging company member’s in different photos and videos to generate more of a hype through that person’s Facebook. Another fantastic thing about Orlando Shakespeare Theatre is that they are partnered with
The University of Central Florida which generates a stir with college age students, whether they are audience members or theatre artists looking for work.
On the other hand, a regional theatre that I find to be lacking in their advertising would be Thingamajig Theatre Company in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. When doing research about this company, I have found that they don’t have their own website, it is partnered with a performing arts center which leads to confusion. Another reason why I find that their advertisements and social media are lacking is because their logos and content are not very good, they are haphazard and no thought is put into it.


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